37 Reasons to Visit Beck's Harvest House During Our 37th Anniversary

Beck’s Harvest House in Spokane, Washington truly has it all. If you’re looking for family friendly activities, fruit picking, homemade and locally grown food, perfectly crafted wine and beer, fall time fun, live music, or decadent desserts, Beck’s Harvest House is the place for you. Beck’s brings family and friends together with all its unique and exciting features, while bringing you the best fresh fruit in Spokane. Beck’s Harvest House has been providing the community with Friendly Family Farm Fun experiences for 37 years, and is inviting you to join in on the celebration. Beck’s features many amazing activities and opportunities through its summer to fall season, including an all out Fall Harvest Festival that can easily become your next family tradition! If your looking for things to do in Spokane, Beck’s Harvest House is the perfect place to create those beautiful summer and fall memories that you’ll always remember. 

Here's a list of 37 awesome reasons to visit Beck’s this harvest season:

Beck’s Harvest House officially opens for the season every Memorial Day Weekend. Bring your friends and family to Beck’s Harvest House to enjoy food, drinks, and fresh fruit of course as we kick off a new season in Spokane! Beck’s Harvest House is open Friday-Sunday, 10am to 6pm, over Memorial Day Weekend. Join Beck’s to be a part of the annual weekend tradition!

In the beginning of June, you can order a bucket of your own Klicker Strawberries from Beck’s Harvest House in Spokane. Klicker Strawberries are vine-ripened strawberries that are specially grown in the Blue Mountains by the Klicker Family. Beck’s sells them without stems, washed, sorted, sliced, and packaged in four container sizes. You can buy Klicker Strawberries by the bucket from approximately 3lbs-28lbs. The buckets of strawberries come with no added sugar, and all the flavor comes naturally from these beautifully delicious strawberries. Beck’s recommends you eat these Klicker strawberries right away for ultimate freshness, or freeze them if you want them to last a bit longer. Pricing ranges from $19-95 dollars depending on size. Keep an eye on our website and Facebook page to reserve yours!

The Country Store at Beck’s Harvest House provides gourmet food and gifts right here in Spokane. This store is perfect for finding unique gifts for anyone on your list and the store sells great homemade sauces, rubs, wine, and craft beer! The shop is unique inside and is filled top to bottom with cute gifts, décor, keepsakes, wine & beer, and so much more! Be sure to check out the Country Store if you’re looking for the perfect gift for the holidays. Beck’s Country Store has so much in store for you and truly has something special for everyone.

The brand-new Fruit Fort lets you shop for fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the season. The shopping experience is located at the base of the Beck’s lawn and allows for more space and more selection. Go to the Fruit Fort for fresh produce, to sample some delicious items, and enjoy the crisp orchard air. The Fruit Fort carries seasonal favorites like: apples, peaches, berries, cherries and fresh vegetables. The Fruit Fort is the perfect farm to table experience!

If you’re looking for exciting dining options in Spokane, then the Country Kitchen at Beck’s Harvest House is the spot for you. The kitchen makes fresh, homemade breakfasts, lunches, and special desserts. The Country Kitchen delivers a casual dining atmosphere that will make you feel right at home and is very family friendly! The breakfast and lunch selection consists of seasonal specials that are made fresh daily using local products. The soups, salads, sandwiches, and sauces are made from scratch by the Beck’s team. There is also an array of mouthwatering desserts that will pair perfectly with your satisfying lunch. The Country Kitchen is sure to satisfy your hunger!

Enjoy your lunch outside on the Dining Deck to soak up the sunshine, enjoy some fresh air, and admire the gorgeous views of the orchard and Mt. Spokane! Our outdoor dining space is spacious and offers plenty of shaded seating. Join us this season to feast on delicious food and beverages and enjoy the marvelous views. Try the food yourself and visit the Dining Deck for a memorable experience.

Beck’s Harvest House is the perfect place for a celebration. Whether it’s a birthday or just a reunion, Beck’s Harvest Place has farm fresh fun for every occasion!

Beck’s Drink Deck includes an awesome Beer Shed. Make this your new gathering spot to unwind, relax, and enjoy some seriously delicious beer. Beck’s Beer Shed offers a fantastic beer selection of local beers and ciders in Spokane. Sip your favorite craft brew and enjoy the fresh farm air and stunning views of Mt. Spokane and the orchard.

If you’re a pie lover, you have to visit Beck’s for some seriously decadent pies. The bakers at Beck’s Harvest House are passionate about crafting the perfect pie, from the crust to the goodness of the pie filling. All pies are mouthwatering and homemade, you can buy them fresh by the slice or even purchase a whole one to take home. All pies are available based on the fruit season and overall demand. You can call Beck’s to order a custom pie that you can take home for the whole family to enjoy. Seasonal and everyday pies include: apple, cherry, strawberry, peach, huckleberry, mixed berry, and more. There are also two seasonal cheesecake options: huckleberry and pumpkin. Beck’s has the best desserts in Spokane and their pie is incredible, definitely making it a reason to go!

The Beck’s Wine Patio is the perfect opportunity to sit back, relax, and indulge in new and imported wines. The Wine Patio will surely brighten up your visit as you try these delicious and carefully crafted wines. Beck’s has phenomenal service, and carries an assortment of reds, whites, and blends, that range from dry to sweet. You’ll be guaranteed to find the wine that suits your palette best, and the Beck’s staff will be happy to assist you in all your wine needs. The wide selection of Beck’s premium wines can be purchased on their beautiful outdoor patio as well as in the Country Store.

Beck’s Harvest House is known for its World-Famous Pumpkin Donuts! These donuts are special and sacred to the Beck’s family and they are enjoyed by thousands. They are great for everyone and are the perfect treat to share during your visit! People all over Spokane are raving about these Pumpkin Donuts and you won’t know what all the fuss is about until you’ve tasted them yourself. The family will never reveal the secret recipe, so be sure to check them out on Fridays from 10am until noon, and Saturday and Sunday from 10am-5pm or until they run out.

You must stop by Beck’s for live musical entertainment on the weekends. Beck’s has a Green Bluff Music Series every Saturday and Sunday that goes on from June through October. You can relax with your favorite local musicians as you enjoy farm favorite activities like: fruit picking, sipping wine and beer, and admiring the majestic views of Mt. Spokane. Throughout the season, Beck’s has an awesome musical series which will sure be a hit for you and the family!

If you love mimosas, Beck’s offers delicious flavors on Sundays from 10am to 2pm. The mimosas are made with fresh fruit picked from the orchard and are marvelously delicious. Enjoy your mimosa with friends and family on the Drink Deck which overlooks Mt. Spokane and the lovely orchard. All the mimosas are extremely delicious, but a fan favorite is the Huckleberry Mimosa. Go try for yourself at the exciting Drink Deck!

Beck’s not only serves mouthwatering homemade desserts, the Harvest House also is known for their creamy and delicious colossal ice cream cones. This ice cream is perfect for a hot sunny day of farm filled fun! Everyone of all ages will love to indulge in this sweet treat that will surely brighten your visit at Beck’s. The ice cream pairs perfectly with all the other homemade goodies at Beck’s, so make sure you don’t miss out on it!

In mid-July, Beck’s lets you pick the juiciest, freshest, cherries until they are all picked. They are so delicious on their own, or in an array of yummy desserts. These cherries are sweet, vibrant, and tangy, with a great aftertaste. Hurry and check out these cherries at Beck’s for a perfect daytime activity!

Take a tour through the orchard in our Country Limo on your way to pick delicious fruits. The Country Limo transports you from the Fruit Fort to the orchard, where a Fruit Picking Expert will teach you about the different fruits, how to pick them, where to pick them, and which fruits pair best with different desserts. Then, you’ll be let loose in the orchard to pick your favorite fruits. The Country Limo is a great fun activity that will keep you and the whole family engaged and excited about fruit!

If you’re a wine enthusiast, you must check out Wine Wednesdays at Beck’s Harvest House! Stop by the Drink Deck every Wednesday from mid-July to mid-August to take part in the event. Wine Wednesday lets you enjoy wine specials, food, and live music, as you watch the scenic sunset views of the Beck’s orchard and the breathtaking Mt. Spokane!

Beck’s Harvest House peaches are delightfully decadent and are the perfect mouthwatering treat on a hot sunny day. In fact, Beck’s Harvest House is famous for its “Bend Over Peaches” which are so juicy you have to bend over to eat them! They are incredibly delicious and nutritious for you to enjoy, and each peach is packed with vitamins, fiber, energy, and iron. These peaches are also the perfect ingredient to add to many scrumptious desserts. The popularity of these peaches makes them go very quickly, so check out Beck’s every week starting about mid-July to pick the perfect peach!

Beck’s Harvest House is a foodie’s favorite place on Green Bluff to chow down on great food and yummy treats! Our Food Truck & Fruit Festival each August allows you to get your grub on with great food trucks, fresh fruit, and more of your farm-favorite activities.

Beck’s celebrates an annual Friendly Family Farm Fun Labor Day Weekend event. Celebrate Labor Day Weekend with friends and family at Beck’s Harvest House and enjoy food, drinks, live music, and fresh fruit of course! The Labor Day Weekend event is open Friday-Sunday. Going to Beck’s for Labor Day Weekend will make your holiday awesome and so much more memorable. Join Beck’s to be a part of the annual weekend tradition!

Nothing tastes better than biting into an apple fresh from a tree. At Beck’s you can do just that! Come to Beck’s Harvest House September through the end of October to pick these juicy apples that are the best in all of Spokane. Beck’s has acres of apple trees and boxes of apples, including the popular Honeycrisp Apple, for you to enjoy! Bring family, friends, and loved ones for a fun day of apple picking in Green Bluff!

The Fall Harvest Festival at Beck’s Harvest House is one of Spokane’s best fall events. Every year, families are welcomed to take part in the Fall Harvest Festival which features many fan-favorite fall activities. You can wander through the giant corn maze, browse Pumpkin Land for the best pumpkins, admire the scenic autumn views from the orchard, and so much more! The Fall Harvest Festival is a hit for the whole family every year, and it’s the perfect activity to celebrate the fall season with loved ones. Create new holiday memories at Becks!

You can enjoy the Beck’s Fall Harvest Festival under your own private tent! Beck’s Harvest House lets you rent out party rentals during the fall season, available Saturdays and Sundays during the Fall Harvest Festival! All party rentals come with a large tented area that includes six picnic tables right next to the Friendly Family Farm Funland. Contact us to reserve your time slot and purchase the Rental Package which comes with a ton of exclusive features. The Party Rentals are perfect for having that extra private space to enjoy intimate family moments together, and they are great for any special occasion. They are sure to be a hit for your entire family!

Pumpkin Land at Beck’s Harvest House is the perfect place to get pumpkins in Green Bluff! The pumpkin patch has made it on the list as one of the top places to pick pumpkins in America, so be sure to check it out. There are so many pumpkins to choose from that come in all different shapes, colors, and sizes. Your family will love all the pumpkin options and you can pile your cart high with so many picture-perfect pumpkins. Pumpkin Land is a part of Beck’s Fall Harvest Festival, so your visit is sure to be filled with all of the fall-fun you’re craving!

Beck’s offers a giant corn maze during its seasonal Fall Harvest Festival. The giant corn maze features a new theme every year in its elaborate design. The maze is a great challenge for families and people of all ages to enjoy. Once you purchase tickets to the Fall Harvest Festival’s Family Friendly Farm Funland, you can get lost in this cool and intricate corn maze.The maze is a great fall staple activity that will keep you on your toes!

During the Fall Harvest Festival, we welcome some of your favorite local food trucks to serve their delicious and diverse foods on our lawn. Different food trucks will be featured each week of the festival which will fuel you and your family as you enjoy all the fun farm activities on the orchard. Some food truck options may include: shaved ice, tacos, kettle corn, crepes, teriyaki, and so much more! All the food truck vendors are local independent business owners, so you not only will be enjoying tasty food, but you will also be supporting local Spokane businesses too!

The Beck’s Harvest House Fall Harvest Festival includes a Cow Train Ride in the Friendly Family Farm Funland that is perfect for the kids! The Cow Train is a long train of little cow-decorated cars and is a big hit among the little ones. It’s perfect for pictures and it keeps the children stimulated and entertained. The Cow Train Ride is located in the cornfield of the Friendly Family Farm Funland, open during the Fall Harvest Festival. Make sure to get wristbands to enter the Farm Funland and you’ll be ready for your fun fall adventure.

During the Fall Harvest Festival, Beck’s serves delicious apple cider. The cider is made from the array of colorful and juicy apples grown in the orchard. The apple cider is fresh and is served without any filtration processes, so it’s delicious and fresh. The cider pairs perfectly with our tasty World Famous Pumpkin Donuts and will quench your fall time thirst! Your kids will be sure to love Beck’s homemade cider, so be sure to give it a try! 

Beck’s Harvest House’s outdoor Drink Deck features a warm and cozy firepit. As you are enjoying an array of beverages like: beers, ciders, wine, mimosas, and more, you can cozy up with friends around this lovely fire pit. Beck’s wants the absolute best for you, and this fire pit at the Drink Deck gives you just the right amount of ambiance in the fall!

The Friendly Family Farm Funland at the Fall Harvest Festival, not only includes a giant corn maze, but also a Hay Maze as well! The Hay Maze is a bit smaller and on a less challenging scale than the giant corn maze, so it’s a great option for smaller children who want in on the fun! The Hay Maze is an intricate and fun outdoor event that is a lot less bigger and intimidating than the giant corn maze attraction. The Hay Maze is a great obstacle for your kids to navigate, and you’ll definitely be able to snag some great pictures as they’re trying to find their way out!

Tire Mountain is one of the many activities available during the Fall Harvest Festival at the Friendly Family Farm Funland. Tire Mountain is exactly what it sounds like, it’s a huge mountain made from stacks of tires. Your children will love the challenge of getting on top of this tire mountain and it makes the great opportunity for some fantastic family pictures. A Friendly Family Farm Funland wristband allows you all-day access to all the Funland activities and attractions which include: The Giant Corn Maze, Cow Train, Jump Pillow, Hay Maze, and more. Check out the Fall Harvest Festival at Beck’s Harvest House for the best fall activities in Green Bluff!

During the Fall Harvest Festival, look out for the beautiful Pumpkin Princess wandering around Pumpkin Land! Our Pumpkin Princess is always a great hit with the kids and offers an adorable photo op. Make sure to stop by Pumpkin Land at the Fall Harvest Festival to say hi!

The Fall Harvest Festival’s Friendly Family Farm Funland includes access to the ever popular Jump Pillow. Beck’s Harvest House features a large inflated jump pillow trampoline that is a great activity for your kids to let off their energy after eating a few too many World Famous Pumpkin Donuts! The Jump Pillow is big enough to fit many children and your kids can jump and hop around as much as they want. Make sure to snag some pictures of your kids going absolutely wild on this unique and exciting attraction!

Beck’s Harvest House offers so many opportunities to take pictures of all the exciting activities you and the family can enjoy on the farm. You can take pictures in front of the beautiful scenery, as you’re picking fresh fruit in the orchard, with the pumpkins during the Fall Harvest Festival, and all over our beautiful property. The Fall Harvest Festival’s Friendly Family Farm Funland has so many places to take pictures of your children and cherish those precious moments. You can take pictures of your kids riding the Cow Train, enjoying the corn maze, and eating our World-Famous Pumpkin Donuts!

With so many fun activities available throughout the season, bringing your kiddos to Beck’s Harvest House is sure to create lasting and cherished memories. We have been a family-owned farm for 37 years, and love to hear that some of our guests have memories of visiting our farm from 10, 20, or 30 years ago! Great memories with parents, grandparents, and friends have been made here, plenty of birthday parties and celebrations have taken place, and we’ve even had marriage proposals! Beck’s Harvest House is a special place for us, and we want it to be a meaningful place for you as well. We invite you to Beck’s Harvest House this season to help us celebrate 37 years in business, and we hope you are able to start a new tradition that will keep your family coming back for another 37!

Beck’s Harvest House is family owned and operated and has been since the beginning! Come on out and support us and our family during the Fall Harvest Festival!

Check off all 37 reasons this year! Beck’s Harvest House has enough fun to keep you and your family entertained all season long!