Beck's Harvest House

Cherry Picking


pick the perfect cherry!

We offer cherry picking as a part of our U-Pick Fruits! Beck’s is lucky to have two different types of cherries to pick at the Harvest House: Bing Cherries and Rainier Cherries. Both of these are delicious to eat fresh or perfect for pies, tarts, jams, and other desserts!


Bing cherries are the most popular in the Green Bluff area. They are dark red and get even darker as they ripen. These cherries have a sweet and delightfully tangy aftertaste! Rainier cherries are another local favorite and they are a yellow and blush red color. The Rainier cherries are a bit sweeter than Bing cherries, and they originated in 1952 after researchers from the Washington Agriculture Experiment Station crossed the Bing and Red cherry varieties in Prosser, WA.

Cherries are usually ready for picking in mid-July and go until they are picked out! Please call ahead for U-Pick times before coming up!


Contact us: (509)-238-6970 

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