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If you’re in the Green Bluff area, you must stop by Beck’s Harvest House to get the best strawberries! Beck’s is known for selling famous Klicker StrawberriesTM which are grown in foothills of the Blue Mountains by the Klicker Family. These strawberries are widely known for their famous flavor and uphold a lasting tradition of excellent quality. Beck’s is the best place to purchase strawberries because all their Klicker StrawberriesTM are picked without stems, and thoroughly washed, sorted, and sliced with extra care. At the start of the season, you can purchase your very own bucket of Klicker StrawberriesTM at our Country Store. Beck’s even sells its homemade strawberry pie that you can purchase with your strawberry bucket! The Klicker StrawberryTM bucketsare sold between the sizes of 3lbs-28lbs. Beck’s is by far the best place to get the best strawberries and strawberry desserts so don’t miss out! Be sure to check out all the strawberry possibilities at Beck’s Harvest House at the start of strawberry season!


The 3 main types of Strawberries:

June bearing Strawberries:

June-bearing varieties tend to have one monster crop per year. June is the typical time of bearing and Klicker Strawberries™ are a part of the june-bearing variety, as they are ready around June 1st and continue until middle to late July. These strawberries are dark red, juicy, packed with flavor, and have a clean, sweet taste. They tend to have a well balanced flavor, and are not too sweet and not too tart-like. Klicker Strawberries™ are grown at various elevating fields in the Blue Mountains, and several are located on top of Klicker Mountain at 3800 feet. The different elevations of these fields protects the strawberries, because the season is more spread out, which also spreads out the risk of extreme weather conditions. Since Klicker Strawberries™ are june-bearing, they are grown abundantly with special care. They produce large strawberries that are extremely sweet and addictive.


Ever-bearing Strawberries:

Ever-bearing strawberries only produce a few runners, and are best planted in small spaces and gardens. If you want to produce more strawberries, choose june-bearing types as these spread out more vastly. Ever-bearing crops are also smaller and more modest in crop size, as they continue to bear throughout the summer. These crops are best for little gardens and they don’t tend well in higher temperatures so it’s recommended that these grow in a cooler climate. Ever-bearing strawberry plants begin to form flower buds after exposure to 12 hours of sunlight and produce 3 separate crop yields between late spring and early fall.



Day-neutral strawberries are similar to ever-bearing as they also produce a few runners and are more modest in size. These strawberries also don’t do well in warmer temperatures and are more commonly grown in cooler regions. Day-neutral strawberries also continue to fruit only if the weather holds. With that said, modern day-neutral berries tend to produce fruit more consistently than older ever-bearing types. Day-neutral strawberries yield in between spring and fall and can tend to produce larger berries. Even though they are larger in size, they are often categorized as either weak or strong because each variety is different in its ability to flower in the summer.

1)    Honeoye

This strawberry variety yields day-neutral and june-bearing strawberry types. The strawberries usually produce earlier in the season and maintain a consistent size throughout. Honeoye strawberries tend to be one of the heaviest producers compared to other varieties. These strawberries tend to be highly adaptive but they obtain their best flavor when grown in specific raised beds and lighter soils.

2)    Earliglow

Earliglow is another june-bearing strawberry type. Its fruit sets and ripens very quickly and the size tends to be between medium to large. Earliglow varieties tend to decrease in size as the end of the season nears. These strawberries are deep red, symmetrical, and resistant to many strawberry diseases.

3)    Allstar 

The Allstar variety is another june-bearing strawberry that looks like the prototypical strawberry. This strawberry is well liked by gardeners because it has a glossy red appearance and firm shape. The strawberries produced are quite large and slowly diminish in size towards the end of season. Allstar’s are a late to mid season producer with a mild, sweet flavor.

4)    Ozark Beauty

The Ozark Beauty strawberry is the most popular variety among the ever-bearing strawberry types. It produces unusually large yields for being an ever-bearing strawberry. The strawberries are red and sweet, but are most beneficial because they produce two large crops in the beginning and end of the season.

5)    Chandler

Chandler strawberry plants are a june-bearing variety that typically grows in California. Chandler strawberries must get large amounts of sun and are prone to root rot. Because of this, they must be well-drained and planted properly. These strawberries are not known to be disease resistant and can be prone to leaf spotting. Chandler strawberries are also known for having good commercial variety.

6)    Jewel

The Jewel strawberry variety is well-known to be a good variety for pick-your-own operations and fresh shipping due to its firmness and abrasion-resistant skin. These strawberries have a wider and wedge-like shape. They have longer season yields and are great for fresh markets.

7)    Seascape

The Seascape strawberry variety is an ever-bearing strawberry type that originally developed in California. Seascape strawberries are resistant to lots of viral diseases and can tolerate early heat. The strawberries are bright red on the inside and outside with a glossy finish. A drawback to the Seascape strawberries is that they are patented, meaning it is technically illegal to propagate this strawberry variety.

8)    Tristar

The Tristar variety is a day-neutral strawberry type that is great for fresh eating or freezing. They are sweet, red, and firm but are only medium in size. They produce multiple times throughout the season, with sporadic large productions. These are good strawberries to plant in gardens and hanging flower baskets.

9)    Sparkle

The Sparkle strawberry variety is best known for making jam. The variety produces many runners, so it’s important that the beds are watched and monitored closely so they don’t become too thick. Sparkle strawberries are usually medium sized and ripen late.

10)  Fort Laramie

This variety is an ever-bearing strawberry type. These strawberries produce lots of blooms, berries, and runners while also being very cold hardy. They have an exceptional aroma, and firm, honey-sweet flesh that makes them good for fresh eating.

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