Meet the Beck’s Harvest House Beck-Mojis! These little fruit guys and gals are some friends of ours that we’d love for you to meet and get to know a little more about!

Aidy Apple

Aidy Apple loves nothing more than simply sitting in a rocking chair on the porch where she can admire the gorgeous views of Mt. Spokane as she enjoys a glass of refreshing ice-cold lemonade.

All-American Apple

You may have heard the saying “American as apple pie,” but no one is quite as patriotic as our friend All-American Apple! He’s a real firecracker in social settings, especially when grabbing a craft beer with his buddies on the Beer/Wine Patio.

Alvin à la Mode

The sight of delicious ice cream makes Alvin à la Mode’s heart melt. He will enjoy it in a cone, as a milkshake, on a slice of homemade pie, or any other way, as long as it’s coming from Beck’s Harvest House!

Amy Ambrosia

Amy Ambrosia is a sweet apple who loves visiting Beck’s Harvest House. She finds sharing a glass of wine on the scenic patio to be extremely romantic when she’s with the apple of her eye.

Apple Cider Adam

Apple Cider Adam can always be found relaxing on the Beer/Wine Patio at Beck’s Harvest House. To him, there’s nothing better than enjoying a refreshing local beer or cider on a warm summer day.

Apple Pi

You can usually find this apple in the lab working on some equations, but during
apple season he likes to spend it harvesting apples at Beck’s!

Awed Aaron

Aaron still can’t get over how big our Giant Corn Maze is. After making his way through it once, he is forever in awe of the glorious maze and eagerly waits all year to enter it again.

Baker Delicious

Baker Delicious is the brilliant mind behind Beck’s Homemade Pies. She can be found in the back, rolling out the crusts or slicing the fruit. But, no matter where you find her, you’ll always find her covered in flour!

Bashful Braeburn

Braeburn is a little shy about ordering a whole dozen of our World Famous Pumpkin Donuts for himself, but we don’t judge! Available for a limited time only, we encourage folks to get as many as they can!

Baxter Blueberry

Baxter here ate one too many slices of blueberry cheesecake from the Country Kitchen, and now he resembles a blueberry himself! Although, it’s well worth it if he gets to continue eating the berry good dessert!

Beth Bad Seed

Beth gets a bad reputation from her name and her tough look, but she is truly the most caring apple on the farm. She loves hanging out with her apple friends and drinking cider.

Big Apple Bull

Big Apple Bull is extremely amoosed by the Cow Train in the Friendly Family Farm Funland and loves to watch all the kiddos having an udderly awesome time at play!

Candy Apple Carl

Candy Apple Carl has a major sweet tooth, and that’s why he loves hanging out in the Country Kitchen! From World Famous Pumpkin Donuts, to homemade pies and other tasty desserts, Carl is in his happy place at Beck’s Harvest House.

Cara Mel

Cara is the kind of apple that is sweet on the outside, and just as sweet on the inside!

Cosmic Chris

Chris the astronaut orbits the earth in a spaceship but he only comes back to earth to get more than a few slices of pie at Beck’s Harvest House!

Crab Apple Carlos

Carlos is always in a sour mood when he has to leave Beck’s Harvest House. To be fair, after spending a day picking fruit from the orchard, eating delicious homemade food, and enjoying the Green Bluff Music Series, we wouldn’t want to leave either!

Crisp Kringle

Crisp Kringle is a jolly apple who’s sure to raise your holiday spirits! He spreads joy everywhere he goes with his rosy cheeks and sack of gifts for all the good apples out there.

Crispin Cowboy

Crispin has lived in gorgeous Green Bluff since he was just a seed. He exemplifies the farming lifestyle and loves tending to the crops to produce delicious fruits and veggies for others to enjoy.

Dr. Delight

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but an apple a day turned Dr. Delight into an apple!

Drowsy Dan

Dan is tuckered out after a long day of picking fresh fruit at Beck’s Harvest House! The delicious, juicy fruits he now gets to enjoy make it all worthwhile though.

Farmer McIntosh

You can always find Farmer McIntosh preparing for a bountiful harvest in the orchard! He loves growing all sorts of flavorful fruits, especially cherries and peaches.

Fiona Apple

Fiona Apple is passionate about singing and performing, especially onstage at the Green Bluff Music Series!

Flirty Fuji

Fuji is a big ol’ flirt who’s looking for the one he can live appley ever after with. Romantic to the core, he’s a very a-peel-ing apple!

Gala the Good Witch

Gala the Good Witch is always Trick-or-Treating herself to the delicious sweets in our Country Kitchen! Halloween is her favorite time of the year and she always prepares for the season at the Fall Harvest Festival by picking pumpkins and filling up on dozens of World Famous Pumpkin Donuts.

Golden Delicious

As unique as a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, Golden Delicious is the apple that everyone wants to be pals with!

Grill Master Gavin

Gavin is always grillin’ up something delicious in preparation for his time to shine at the Fall Harvest Festival. His lifelong dream has been to serve his tasty grub at the Harvest BBQ!

Haha Harold

Harold always has a grand old time in the Friendly Family Farm Funland with his buddies! Whether they’re shooting corn cannons or racing pedal cars, they never cease to crack each other up while enjoying all of the fun activities available.

Honeycrisp Harry

Honeycrisp Harry loves bringing his family to Green Bluff to pick fresh fruit each summer! Spending a day at Beck’s Harvest House is one of his most cherished family traditions.

Hungry Henry

Hanging around Beck’s Harvest House all day, it’s no wonder why Henry is always so hungry; there are delicious goodies all over the place! From fresh fruit in the orchard to homemade grub in the Country Kitchen, Hungry Henry is always snacking on something tasty.

Jazzy Jack

Jack loves live music but especially jazz! He can’t wait to see the 2024 Green Bluff Music Series.

Joyful Jen

Joyful Jen gets emotional when she sees the beautiful moments that are always happening around Beck’s Harvest House. The gorgeous view of Mt. Spokane from the patio or someone taking a bite of their very first World Famous Pumpkin Donut, for example.

Magical Maddy

Maddy spends all her time practicing her magic tricks, but her favorite one is when she makes pie appear!

New Year Nate

Nate loves to celebrate the new year because it means that spring and the opening of Beck’s Harvest House are just around the corner. “Cheers to another year of Friendly Family Farm Fun,” he says!

Odie the Orchard Pup

Every orchard needs a good pup! You can often find Odie searching for scraps in the Country Kitchen, exploring the orchard, or snoozing in the sun on the front porch of Beck’s Harvest House.

Papa Smith

Meet Granny Smith’s dear old husband, Papa Smith! He’s a joy to be around and always tells the corniest jokes. His favorite, you ask? “Why was the apple alone with the orange? Because the banana split!”

Peaceful Penny

From the warm breeze she enjoys sitting outside on the patio to the relaxing music drifting over from the Green Bluff Music Series stage, Penny is totally at peace when she visits Beck’s Harvest House.

Peanut Paul

Peanut Paul loves peanut butter, especially when it’s combined with some of the delicious treats at Beck’s Harvest House! Whether it’s a PB&J made with jam from the Country Store or a Belgian waffle from the Country Kitchen topped with peanut butter and syrup, Paul loves that all the food at Beck’s pairs so well with his favorite snack.

Picnic Paula

Picnic Paula always enjoys eating a delicious homemade lunch on the lawn at Beck’s Harvest House. To her, there’s nothing better than gathering with friends and listening to live music at the Green Bluff Music Series each summer.

Pink Lady Pearl

Pink Lady Pearl is as sweet as her namesake, the Pink Lady apple. She’s the apple of everyone’s eye and is romantic to the “core.”

Pumpkin Spice Patrick

Patrick gets PUMPED for fall because he loves all things pumpkin! From enjoying World Famous Pumpkin Donuts to picking picture-perfect pumpkins in Pumpkin Land, Pumpkin Spice Patrick always has a “gourd” time at Beck’s Harvest House.

Reading Red

Red loves getting lost in his stories, and he’s found the perfect place to do it! Beneath a tree at Beck’s Harvest House, he can enjoy the beautiful scenery as he reads his favorite book.

Ripped Ryan

After a pretty tough “core” workout, Ryan likes to head to Beck’s and enjoy a cider on the drink deck.

Silly Seed Sal

Silly Seed Sal is always full of energy and loves to play, which is why his favorite fall event is the Fall Harvest Festival! He loves to run around the Friendly Family Farm Funland and enjoy all of the exciting activities that it features.

Sleepy Sam

After a long day at play during the Fall Harvest Festival, Sleepy Sam enjoys a good night’s rest as he dreams of all the entertaining activities, he experienced in the Friendly Family Farm Funland.

Stunned Steven

Stunned Steven is always left speechless when he sees the magnificent view of Mt. Spokane from the patio at Beck’s Harvest House!

Taco Ted

Ted is a major foodie, which is why he loves the Food Trucks and Fruit Festival at Beck’s Harvest House! Catch him sampling a few items from each truck this year, because just picking one menu item to try would be torture!

Tart Tom

Tom is always in a grumpy mood, except for when he spends time at Beck’s!

Taylor the Teen

The only time Taylor ever puts her phone down is when she’s spending time with her family at Beck’s. Sometimes it’s nice to put the phone down Taylor!

Watermelon Wade

Each year, Wade eagerly awaits spring for all the delicious fruit varieties to become available! He enjoys watermelon of course, but also loves to pick fresh strawberries, peaches, raspberries, and other fresh fruits at Beck’s Harvest House!

Winking Wilson

This is the face Wilson makes when he says he’ll only be having one World Famous Pumpkin Donut at the Fall Harvest Festival today!